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Leo Doucette | President CEO

We believe everyone deserves to live a life filled with dignity, respect, and growth. At our agency, we’re dedicated to providing care and support for the intellectually and developmentally disabled community in Florida. Your contribution can help us create stable group homes, extend our reach, refurbish our facilities, and assist other deserving providers. Together, we can strive towards financial independence and make our vision a reality. Donate Now and join us in making a difference.

About NPII Friends

Mission statement

The agency mission is to develop a high level of quality staffing and donor supports while providing person-centered caretaking to the intelectually and developmentally disable (idd) people living at chestnut place group home and further financially assist other nonprofit agencies throughout the state of florida to do the same through donor supports.

Vision statement

We will endeavor to provide a safe and happy home like atmosphere for all idd clients living in our home while making sure that their life needs, including safety and well being, are completely and properly assured for the long term at our group home and for other clients throughout the state of florida.


To communicate fully and honestly on all relevant agency matters to our staff, clients, families, guardians, donor groups, support groups and governmental agencies.


Setting up the Agency

Our agency is committed to establishing and managing a successful group home operation. With a focus on quality and consistency, we aim to create a robust staffing system to ensure the welfare of our resident clients.

Scope Expansion

We aim to extend our assistance to the intellectually and developmentally disabled (IDD) community in Florida, broadening our impact and support.

Development Timeline: Years 1-7

Donor Engagement

In our quest to continue providing optimal services, we seek to engage donor groups for their valuable support and contributions.

Development Timeline: Years 1-7

Major Donor Support

We aim to secure significant donor support for larger scale projects for the improvement of Chestnut Place group home.

Development Timeline: Years 1-8

Donor Funding for Other Providers

Our aim is to secure and distribute donor funds to aid other IDD providers in the state, expanding the reach of our assistance.

Agencies that we actively support. Key Training Center, Arc of Marion, Nature Coast Arc,  The Arc of Florida

Development Timeline: Years 1-10

Assisting Other Providers

We are dedicated to supporting other deserving IDD service providers across Florida, fostering a sense of community and collaboration.

Development Timeline: Years 1-10

Financial Stability

We strive towards financial stability and independence from government funding, ensuring the continuity and reliability of our services.

Development Timeline: Years 1-10

Donor Funding for NPII

We aim to seek and secure donor funding support for the operational needs, capital needs, and endowment needs of NPII.

Development Timeline: Years 1-10

Chestnut place
operational, capital and endowment needs summary


The ever increasing costs due to inflation have made it necessary to get operational donor funding support for the following

  • Food & supplies
  • Client outings and recreation
  • Staff bonuses & monies for competitive pay
  • Vehicle maintenance, fuel and client appointments
  • Marketing, advertising, internet, computer upgrades.

Annualized donor goal - $60,000

Capital & asset improvements

The inadequate government funding supports and caretaking reimbursements have made it necessary to seek donor funding supports for the following

  • Vehicle replacements and major repairs.
  • Renovations and repairs to chestnut place for
  • Ada compliant bathrooms and doorways for residents
  • Modernization of kitchen, dining and living room areas
  • Replacement of old windows and doors.
  • Fundtional back yard for clients to relax and enjoy.
  • Modernization of all household appliances.

Annualized donor goal - $120,000

Chestnut Place Managers

Left to Right: Dakota, BJ, Torre


The increasing uncertainty of the governmental funding supports make it prudently wise to safequard the future for our vulnerable clients that we serve by seeking donor funding supports. The goal for our agency is to establish a donor pool of monies that would facilitate a five year operational stability plan for the residents of chestnut place. Further, it is expected that the funds would be invested in order to facilitate a permanent stream of future capital for non-profit initiatives, inc., in the case where the ongoing governmental funding supports are not adequate to pay for operational expenditures.

Annualized donor goal - $1,500,000


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Capital & Asset Improvements


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